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About Us:
Howtochooseasnowboard is an informative website where you can learn all you need to know to be able to choose the best snowboard for you. With accurate and resumed info we make learning as painless as can be and allow you to know which specifications you want on your next board in a very short time. We aim to be an oasis of clearness in a sea of incomplete/unorganised snowboard related information.

Why do we matter?
The right snowboard under your feet will make you progress faster and have more fun snowboarding, and not having it may break your efforts to evolve. As snowboarding is all about having fun and progressing (to be able to have more fun), having the right board does matter, and so do we. We can't really help you with the mindset (which is even more important to progress and to have fun than the board) but we surely can help you choose your snowboard, and your snowboard gear.

Who's "us"?
It's mainly me (in the video bellow) I've been snowboarding since 2003 and teaching (with the level 3 CASI certification, trained by the actual CASI CEO amongst others) since 2012 in Soldeu-Andorra, Grandvalira resort. With contributions from other instructors like Clovis Racine (Whistler - CASI level 4), Dian Manolov (BSU), and from shop owners like Merlin Balfour (SlidewayZ). Plus snowboard  instructors, pro-riders and other industry insiders letting us know what they love on their current boards, in the articles.

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Did we save you some time and trouble?
We hope so, the snowboard is a tool for fun and should not take too much of our time when not strapped to our feet. Let us know through a comment above or through a small donation. We'll be truly grateful and the next rider looking for help will too! Thanks.
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