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A refreshing oasis of clearness sitting in between the accurate but oversimplified info from the shops and the extensive but often inaccurate and always confusing info on forums and blogs.

With our charts and complete, accurate and resumed information, choosing a size, width and type / specs. is as quick and painless as can be and you'll get to a great snowboard in a short time.

Find your size and width in our charts and read about snowboard types or dig a little deeper and learn about each specification, that's how you choose a snowboard for your weight, feet size, level and style that'll make you progress faster and have more fun doing it.

Did we save you some time and trouble?
We hope so, the snowboard is a tool for fun and should not take too much of our time when not strapped to our feet. Let us know through a comment or a donation (hit Donate to enter Paypal  >  Choose any amount  >  Feel awsome for supporting us :) We'll be truly grateful and the next rider looking for help will too! Thanks.
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