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know how to choose a snowboard type that fits your riding style
Most of the snowboards use the tipical 2 strap bindings and "soft" boots (not ski like ones), those are the snowboards we know as "Snowboards", and maybe the only snowboards you know about. Then we have the split-boards, with different bindings, and the alpine racing boards, with different bindings and different boots. We also have the mostly wanted cheap snowboards!

Types of snowboards to use with "regular bindings" and regular "soft" boots

The brands facilitate the choice of a snowboard by any one who does not want to know all the physics and math of snowboarding and snowboards (most people), by labeling the snowboards with what they were made for or where they will perform best. You can't make the most accurate decision when choosing a snowboard just by the indication of where it will perform best. Even though this definition will give you an idea of the boards specs, you'll need to check them to know, base profile, size, flex, and shape. What the type of snowboard can help you with is narrowing down your options, as a guideline.

Custom snowboards Made for you with the specs you choose or the manufacturer recomends you. For the ones who really know what they want and cant find it in the production models or just want some more exclusivity.

Powder boards  
To surf the fresh goodness on the best days, some of this boards also ride relatively well on groomed terrain.

Freeride boards  They are made to ride in any condition of snow and kind of terrain, also perform well on the slopes for snowboarders who like speed.

All Mountain  Boards that perform well in every condition, they can be slightly inclined to any specific use but still perform well in other situations.

Park / Freestyle  Kind of the all-mountain from the snowpark, a board that performs well in jibing, jumps and pipe.

Jib / Street boards  Well, getting obvious here, a snowboard that's great for jibing

Beginner snowboard  Fast and cheap way to start riding. This board won't last forever, but you won't want to ride them forever either.

Other types of snowboards

Split-boards  Powder boards that split in 2 and can be used as snowboard or as skis to climb, walk and slightly descend. They have different bindings so they sit here with the racing boards.

Alpine Racing snowboards  Made strictly for high speed carving on groomed terrain. This ones use different bindings and different boots, hard boots, similar to ski ones.

True twin, directional twin and directional (descriptions used by brands to help you choose your board)

True Twin snowboard
A true twin snowboard has the same size and shape in both sides (nose and tail) and the inserts are centered, making it equal on both sides (in both, shape and size). It also has a twin flexibility. This snowboards are better to ride and land in switch and to rotate in general. True twin shapes are mostly used in freestyle / jump / pipe / jib snowboards.

snowboard true twin

Directinal twin / Twin like (or even maybe just "twin") snowboard
The terms may refer to snowboards that have the same shape in both sides (nose and tail) but the inserts are slighly set back, closer to the tail than to the nose. Or the inserts are centred (like a true twin) but there are little differences in the shape, the board may be tapered or the tip and tail may be different. They may even have a very small set back along with a small taper and some little diference between tip and tail, as long as that doesn't make them bad while riding switch. A directional twin snowboard will excel going forward (generally or in some specific situation, like riding powder) without taking anything away from the switch riding. Lot's of all mountain boards are directional twins.
(twin boards with centered inserts can also be called directional twin because of a directional flexibility wich can create some, or a lot of, confusion)

snowboard directional twin small offset stance setback         snowboard directional twin slightly tapered

Directional snowboard
They may have the ability to ride swith but it wont be theyre stronger skill for sure. A directional snowboard has a different size and shape on each side (nose and tail) and the inserts are set back, closer to the tail than to the nose. Or it has just one of those carateristics but really marked (it probably has a directional flexibility too). Directional shapes excel in going forward without the compromise of still having to ride great in switch, they're usualy made for specific end results like being better at carving / riding fast, riding powder efortlessly... Directional snowboards are mostly used in powder / freeride / speed (carving) / all mountain.

snowboard directional tapered big offset stance setback        snowboard directional big offset stance setback

Asymmetrycal snowboard
Snowboards with asymmetrical side-cuts and/or asymmetrical flexibility, usualy both.

Cheap snowboards

Buying a cheap snowboard requires more atention from your part. You need to know better where you can compromise to get the same bang for less buck (now you can be happy that you already found us). To find a cheap snowboard that get's it done:
- Know what is it that you MUST have on your snowboard (like traditional camber, or medium flexibiity, or something else that for some reason you really want).
- Know the size you look for on our size page (if you dont know it yet)
- Check out more than one store to get more to choose from. Here are a few online shops were you you can usualy find good deals.

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