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How to support snowboard development?
The first snowboard profile - the traditional camber - came from ski, but since then some snowboard brands developed a lot more types of profiles as well as edge technologies (not to speak about the influence snowboard had on ski itself, we're just here for snowboard gear:) that since then, some of them, have been adopted by the ski industry.
Some snowboard brands invest time and resources in developing the sport and that they succeed in doing it. There would be no rocker profiles if it wasn't for them. Other brands, that mainly sell skis or other stuff, just pick knowledge from the first ones (wich we call "true" snowboard brands) to build some boards and flip them for a profit through their already existing publicity and distribution channels. This brands won´t invest in developing snowboard, they may thoug get you lower prices, or not.
So if you want to help your favorite sport evolve and have more and more fun with it, a great way of doing it is by supporting "true" snowboard brands and shops (mostly local specialized shops that only, or mainly, sell "true" snowboard brands). It's not easy if you don't know the brands, try to read about them before buying, We plan on making that info available, stay sharp.
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