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Snowboard Inserts
If you're buying a board and already have bindings, pay attention to the inserts and make sure your bindings fit there. You will find an incompatibility if you have older bindings with 4x2 or 4x4 discs and buy a burton board with the channel system (buy you can buy universal discs to fix that), or if you have burton bindings for the channel system and get a board with standard inserts (no solution for this one!). However, most bindings nowadays come with universal discs that will match any snowboards inserts system and others come with a mini disc. The mini disc just won't fit the 4x4 inserts, but since those are not common anymore, bindings with mini disc are almost as universal as bindings with universal discs. So there's not much to worry really.

snowboard with 4x2 inserts
4x2 standard inserts The standard snowboard inserts, featured in most snowboards. The 4x2 inserts are 4cm apart from each other (heel side to toe side) X 2cm (nose to tail). They'll give you more stance width options than the 4x4 inserts. For bindings with discs (all bindings except the burton ones made for the channel system), big universal discs or small mini discs, they'll both fit on sowboards with 4x2 inserts.
4x2 powder inserts Just like the 4x2 standard inserts but with two setback extra inserts so that you can make the best out of any powder day by setting the bindings back, ending up with a bigger nose and smaller tail that will give you some extra float and save you from the so feared back leg burn that so often comes with the good fresh powder. For all bindings except the burton ones made for the channel system, big disc or small disc.
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snowboard with 4x4 inserts

4x4 standard inserts Not that used this days. The 4x4 inserts 4cm apart from each other in both directions. For disc bindings (all bindings except the burton ones made for the channel system), big disc or small disc.

burton snowboard with 3d inserts
burton 3D inserts Only on burton snowboards.

burton snowboard with channel system

burton est system (channel) Only on burton snowboards.

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