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Womens Snowboards
Women also need love and a shorter board :) But you don't have it as easy as the kids, you need to consider all the same things as guys do when choosing a snowboard.

Womens specific snowboards  Women are usually lighter, have a lower center of mass and have smaller feet than mens, so womens specific snowboards are smaller (in both lenght and width) than men's snowboards, they also generaly have softer flexibilities and come with more feminine graphics.

Tip to choose your board  If you can't find the snowboard you want in the women's lines, or if you just prefer the graphics on some board with the size and specs you want that happens to be on some brand's men's line, go ahead and get it. Just make sure it has the size, flex and other characteristics you want or need. Check the "beginners and first timers" tab on this page or the "intermediate / advanced snowboarders" right below, and our other pages for more info about choosing the right type of snowboard for you and about choosing a snowboard size, flex, shape, base profile, type.
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