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Snowboard Side Construction
The differences between the types of snowboard side construction are minimal. The sidewall is standing at the top and most people may not even know about the other types of snowboard side construction. Well, if you don't know, know you know.

snowboard sidewall
Sidewall (sandwich)  The most used nowadays, you may not even know there are others, that's because the sidewall construction transmits more energy to the edges, in a more direct way, minimizing energy loss. This means that you get a bit more control, the board gets more responsive, grips more. Also, you can feel the snow better, and It looks good too.

snowboard half cap
Half cap construction  Something between the cap construction and the sidewall. It's used specially combined with the sidewall construction. Some higher end boards may use, for example, half cap on the tips and sidewall in the midle of the board's efective edge.

snowboard cap / slim tip
Cap construction  Power transmission is more diffuse, which translates into less edge catching and a more playful ride. Good for kids and beginners.

Slim-Tip construction  Slimmer tips will make the board better to rotate and easier to turn. They look good too.
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