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how to choose Snowboard Bindings
Make sure you choose the right bindings flexibility for your riding level and style. > Make sure you choose the right bindings size for your boots (always buy boots first). > Make sure your chosen bindings are compatible with your snowboard if you already have one.

Bindings Flexibility

The bindings are what connects you to your board and so their flexibility (along with the boots flexibility) will dictate how your body movements pass on to the snowboard. Just like the boards and boots, softer bindings are more used in freestyle for their tweak ability and harder bindings are more used in freeride because they offer the so needed support in big landings, hard carves, and fast powder slashes.
Then each brand, and sometimes each model, has it's particularities. From smaller highbacks or even no highbacks at all to different designs and materials.

Bindings Size (bindings x boots / bindings x board)

Your bindings must fit your boots first off all, because if they do they'll probably fit your board too. Think that you will choose a board taking in account your feet/boot size, so if you also choose right bindings for your feet/boot size, those bindings will probably fit a board for the same feet/boot size. You don't want your bindings to be too big for your boots and you definitely don't want them to be too small. Too small and your boots won't fit. Too big and your boots will move inside the bindings, and you get less support from them.
Buying online  Bindings come in different sizes (usually S, M or L) and each binding size will fit a range of boot sizes (like 8-11). This bindings sizes are not standardized between brands, in some brands a size M of a model may even fit a different boot size range than a size M of another model. After you choose the bindings you want (depending on the bindings flexibility and your riding ability and style) and knowing your boots size, just go check the bindings brand binding size chart on the brand's website (go through our brands page or search for "brand"+"model"+size chart) to get the latest and most accurate information on your chosen binding's size so you can get the right one. Do not trust bindings size charts on any other website than the manufacturer's as they may be obsolete (that's why we do not have any bindings size chart of our own).
Buying at a shop  The best way to make sure you buy the right bindings for your feet/boots is to try and put one of your boots on the binding and see how it fits. If that is not possible because you don't have your boots with you ask the seller for the appropriate bindings size according to your boot size (and brand and model) or check the bindings box where you must find the bindings size and the boots size range that can fit on them. So at least you will need to know your snowboard boots size if you don't have them with you, but have them with you if you can.

Bindings Discs (bindings x board)

There are 4 types of inserts used in snowboards to attach the bindings (4x4 standard inserts; 4x2 standard inserts; burton 3x3 inserts; burton EST channel system), 2 standard ones and 2 from burton only. All the brands make boards with 4x2 or with 4x4 inserts and burton makes boards with all the four types of inserts. Before burton invented their EST channel system and their 3D inserts all bindings came prepared to fit only 4x2 or 4x4 inserts. But because a big percentage of all the boards out there are burton snowboards, bindings brands have adapted and began to make bindings with discs that fit 3 or even all the 4 types of snowboard inserts. So it's not that easy to get some incompatibility nowadays, but keep an eye on it if you want be sure.
When buying bindings, if you already have a snowboard or if your are buying board + bindings, make sure that the bindings discs fit on your snowboards inserts. If by any reason you end up with bindings that don't fit your boards inserts, you can look for replacement discs for your bindings that will fit your snowboards inserts.

Bindings Parts

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