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Choose it like a proby CASI-ACMS snowboard instructorsTrust no copycats!All in one placeRead less, ride more |

Choose it like a proby CASI-ACMS snowboard instructorsTrust no copycats!All in one placeRead less, ride more |

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(greens, blues, some reds)
(blues, reds, some blacks)
Advanced / Expert
(everything, like a boss!)
riding level bar
You are learning new movements
and making them consistent
You Learn new movements and
improve the aquired ones
You improve your skills
much more than you learn new ones
Intermediate / Advanced Snowboarders

If you are not any more a beginner and the info above is not enough, and you're not yet an expert snowboarder (pro rider, top snowboard instructor or at that level, you will know...) then you probably are an intermediate / advanced snowboarder.

For an intermediate / advanced snowboarder, to have an idea of how a snowboard will perform by reading it´s specs, is quite important for a lot of different reasons. It may allow you to choose and buy a priced down snowboard on the go, to narrow down the options between all available snowboard models to buy, try out or rent a snowboard or to plan future try-outs. Ultimately it will make you a better rider, it will make it easier for you to find a sharper tool to further explore and develop your riding preferences and skills. Its a bit of knowledge that may make or break your efforts as a snowboarder.

If you know your height, weight, boot-size and riding style / desired use for the snowboard, you have all the data you need to choose a snowboard.
You may just choose a snowboard type based on your riding style and trust on the brands to deliver, most brands do a good job in letting you know what their boards are good for (this will do it for any begginer and may do it for more experienced snowboarders too).
But you only truly know after trying, a board may be awesome at what it was made for and still fell wrong under your feet. If you want to take the power in your hands and decide by yourself which specifications does a board need to excel under the conditions you want her to, check out Board > Specs. to learn about each specification/technology and which one of them you want in your board (or which one of them you would like to try out and get to know better, try them on your friends boards, rentals, try-outs...)

That will take you from your data to the snowboard you REALLY want, as fast as possible. We make your choice easier by making it painless to figure out and to find what you should be trying-out in the first place. Then the more you know the less you need to try out. So go ahead to "Board" tab and get your quest started.
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