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Review - Union Strata

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Published by @joaoobranquinho in snowboard Reviews · 4 April 2018
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I've used Union bindings for a few years (the Force model), loved them at first, then I didn't anymore and then I've changed for something new. That something new was the Bent Metal - Transfer, smaller discs, lower hi-back, softer and more progressive but with a great (and I really mean great!) response. I was happy again with my bindings, as I still am.
Two weeks ago (about one year after dropping the Union-Force for the Bent Metal-Transfer) I've had the chance to try the new Union-Strata.

First thing that popped out on a first glance was the ankle strap, thin and made of plastic/rubber but still with the typical rectangular minimal shape of almost all union ankle straps. Then I've noticed the base, wide and rubbery, and then the hiback, smaller than the Force model and more similar to the bent metal hibacks.

While testing them I got surprised with how well this binding feels and works. The nice floating sensation that comes from the minidiscs plus the rubbery base and straps doesn't come alone, with the Strata binding Union managed to merge good responsiveness and support to that floating feeling that I (and so much more of us) appreciate so much.

If you've tried the Bent Metal - Transfer before, than the Union - Strata will feel similar but more progressive (floating feeling) and even more responsive. union strata bindings article

2020 update: The model I've reviewed in 2018 was the 2019 one, the first strata bindings, now comes their second year. People say the 2020 union strata is all about delivering control and response to the edge of the board. If Union improved the last strata model while keeping the same profile, then that is for sure a true description of these bindings. Even if there where no changes at all besides aesthetics the "it's all about response" still holds true.

Check out the bindings page to know how to choose your next snowboard bindings like a pro.

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