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Choose a snowboard for your weight, feet size, level and style that'll make you progress faster and have more fun doing it. Just find your snowboard size and width in our charts and choose a snowboard type. You're a savage and that's not enough for you? Dig a little deeper and learn about each specification, once you know your snowboard width and snowboard size.

WHY how to choose a snowboard .info
The snowboard is a tool for fun and shouldn't take much of your time when not strapped to your feet, but having the right snowboard under your feet will make you progress faster and have more fun doing it. With our snowboard size chart, snowboard width chart and snowboard boots size chart and our complete, accurate and resumed information, choosing a snowboard is as quick and painless as can be. and you'll get to your best snowboard yet faster.

ABOUT how to choose a snowboard .Info
While teaching snowbard there was some free time and writing about choosing a snowboard seemed easy and useful... It wasn't that easy after all, at least in a truly helpful and resumed way (as you may have noticed by visiting other guides / pickers / selectors / curators / calculators / charts / blogs / brands / stores...). What it was and is more and more is useful, it saves me time and energy when choosing a snowboard for me or my clients. Other instructors and some shops already use it too and you're welcome to join us!

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