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Contact points  The points of the base of a snowboard that are in more contact with the snow, with more pressure. In a camber profile there are 2 contact points at the tips of the snowboard as in a rocker profile there is only one between the bindings.

Edges  The pieces of metal on the sides of the snowboard that frame the snowboards base, they are there to grip and cut the snow and they make snowboard as it is a possible, real and really fun thing.

Effective edge  
All the edge that may be used while turning. The edge between the two widest points of the snowboard where the nose and tail starts.

Inserts  Where you insert the screws that attach the bindings to the snowboard.

Nose  The front of a snowboard, from the effective edge out. It may also refer to the front of a snowboard from the front binding out.

Offset stance  The position of the inserts in the snowboard in relation to its size/length, it may be centred or set-back. A centered offset stance is found on twin shaped snowboards as a set-back offset stance is found on directional snowboards.

Tail  The back of a snowboard, from the effective edge out. The term may also be used to refer to back of a snowboard from the back binding out.

Triple base technology  Snowboards with lifted edges on the tips, from the bindings out. Originally from Bataleon snowboards.

Waist width  The snowboard width measured at its smallest point (the waist) which is located somewhere between the inserts / bindings. The distance between the 2 edges measured at the waist of the snowboard.

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