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snowboards with Lifted Edges (convex base / base with various flat areas)
Almost all bases are flat side to side, but some are convex, and some others have they're edges lifted a little bit on the nose and tail (like all the bataleon and lobster snowboards) or throughout all the snowboards length.
There's also the "powder hull" technology from YES snowboards (on the famous 420 and on other models), the edges stay on the snow while the midle of the board is lifted from the nose/tail almost unill the bindings. This adds great flutuability on short sizes, or on any size, but speccially alows for small sizes to perform incredibly well in powder.

put the tail on the flor and the nose close to your eyes, look to see if the snowboard base is flat or convexLook at the board like that to see if it is Flat, Convex or Triple base (combination of various flat areas)

snowboard base flat

Convex base
snowboard convex base

Combination of Various Flat Areas
snowboard with lifted edges / 3 flat areas

How do snowboards with triple base / convex base feel and perform?
1 The transitions (edge changes) will feel more like floating, more like surfing (with a convex base even more than with a base with various flat areas)
2 You'll catch less edges
Note: each different technology (from each brand) will feel somehow different than the other. Generalizing, more lifted area (further away from the edges) equals more floating sensation, while less lifted area translates into less edge catching without that much of a change in how the board feels.

Snowboard Brands and convex / vfa
Bataleon deserves all the credit for non flat snowboard bases (specially for the one with a combination of various flat areas) since they're sticking with it since ever, they've never made a board without lifted edges and that precisely is they're singularity (not much snowboard brands can brag about singularity) and is what they're known for, with their 3BT (triple base technology, also referred to as triple base snowboards). Other brands are following (finally) and developing their own technologies that differ from the 3BT on their folding patterns and angles. Some of those brands are Burton, Flow, Lobster (3BT like bataleon).
(Curiosity: A million years ago, when I first saw bataleon snowboards I remember thinking "burton will wait one year or two and them will come out with their own triple base calling it something else", and so it was! About 2 years after they did exactly that. Didn't succeed at the time cause most people who wanted a snowboard with a non flat base went with bataleon or lobster, recognizing their credit. Now burton is using full convex bases in kids snowboards and maybe in some other snowboard models too.)

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