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How to avoid cramps?

how to choose a snowboard .info
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Tags: snowboardhydrationcrampsavoidcrampssnowboardtraining
Cramps when snowboarding can happen to beginners but also to more advanced snowboarders, specially at the beginning of the season, or to the ones who extend the days regularly, at the end of the day. But you can also get cramps while snowboarding just by pure dehydration. Just like on other sports, you will be more at risk of getting cramps while snowboarding if you are dehydrated or pushing your muscles beyond their usual type and amount of activity. So how to avoid cramps when snowboarding?
1 Get hydrated before your snowboard session and stay hydrated throughout.
2 Get a good physical preparation (legs and core) before going out to snowboard.
3 Use a more maneuverable snowboard: smaller, narrower, with a rocker profile.
Get those 3 thing done and you'll have fewer cramps when snowboarding, or none at all.

Find Your Perfect Snowboard With Jeremy Jones

how to choose a snowboard .info
Published by in Riders Opinions ·
Tags: jonesjeremyjonessizesnowboardsize
A youtube playlist with lots of good advices by the pro rider (pro snowboarder) Jeremy Jones, owner of Jones Snowboards.

"unboxing" Slush Slasher ( SpringBreak / Capita) 2018

how to choose a snowboard .info
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Tags: snowboardunboxingspringbreakcapitaslushslasherunboxingcapitawinterpowderfishboard
"unboxing" Slush Slasher 2017 2018
shape by: Spring Break snowboards
made in Austria by: Capita

music: drunk
by: monte booker

Bullshit spoted!

how to choose a snowboard .info
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Tags: snowboardsnowboardadictionbullshit
Just found this image in a random google search. Snowboard is about doing whatever you want and there is no writes or wrongs. Those "no grab zones" are there because those grabs don't punctuate on the important competitions because they're "ugly" or "easy". But please do it if you like it! #happyriding #truesnowboard


Some sticky .info

how to choose a snowboard .info
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Tags: stickerssnowboardsnowboardsizesnowboardboots
You will now see us arround the streets of Andorra la Vieja - Andorra if you come for a visit. If that does not happen, check out this images of the spring in the city!

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