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The first European snowpass is ready for 2020

how to choose a snowboard .info
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So this morning I had a LinkedIn mail notifying me that someone added me to her LinkedIn network. I barely visit LinkedIn and have never done anything with it, I just accept the few "add me to your network" requests I get, time to time. I usually don't pay much attention to these few new connections either, unless I'm spoken to. But this time it was someone with a Portuguese name (I'm Portuguese too) working for a company named snowpass. I thought "this must be a snow-sports related multinational company with representation in Portugal" and wanted to know more so I went to their website to check it out and found out about the first European snowboard/ski pass!

That's right, is a freshly founded company that offers the first European ski pass, and they're now backed by FIS (international ski federation), the main regulatory body in the ski industry. This was probably the best endorsement they could have got as it gives the project a lot of credibility right from the beginning. Both, clients and resorts, seem to be looking forward for the inaugural season and to see how well it works.

The pass costs 895€ for adults and 695€ for children (born between 2007-2015 inclusive), but for the first 50.000 passes there is a (very) special price of 395€ for adults and 345€ for children. There are also passes for baby (born before 2006 inclusive) at 49€.

After knowing about the company and it's product I went on to learn about the people, about the company itself and it's short but strong history. It is a family company based in Portugal (Lisbon area, which is my residence area in the summer) doing it out of passion and doing it right!

Snowboard/ski passes for multiple resorts are a reality in the US since about 2000 but in Europe it had never been done before, maybe because of more bureaucracy or because most of the resorts in Europe are public, until now!

You can get your European snowpass at

Bullshit spoted!

how to choose a snowboard .info
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Just found this image in a random google search. Snowboard is about doing whatever you want and there is no writes or wrongs. Those "no grab zones" are there because those grabs don't punctuate on the important competitions because they're "ugly" or "easy". But please do it if you like it! #happyriding #truesnowboard


Some Sticky .Info 2 @ Lisbon

how to choose a snowboard .info
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This time in Lisbon. There is no snow here but there is a snow culture (each time larger) made of people that started to get the taste for snowsports while still kids in their annual winter vacations with their parents, people that work the summers to spend the seasons riding or people who heard from a friend that snowboard is awesome and since then go ride one week per year or so. One thing that most of them have in common is a love for surf, bodyboard, skate or anything else. There are very few "snowboarders" here, but there's a lot of people who love to snowboard as a compliment to their main sport.
The only resort in Portugal is in Serra da Estrela, about 300km from Lisbon, a 3 hour drive. The largest and most known resorts nearby are Sierra Nevada (Spain) and Grandvalira (Andorra). You also have some smaller ones in Spain and all the resorts from the Pyrenees (Spain, France, Andorra).
Thanks to Ricardo Xaomim for the photos.

Some sticky .info

how to choose a snowboard .info
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You will now see us arround the streets of Andorra la Vieja - Andorra if you come for a visit. If that does not happen, check out this images of the spring in the city!

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