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Review - YES basic

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Published by @joaoobranquinho in snowboard Reviews · 11 January 2016
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snowboard Yes Basic bindings Union Force at Grandvalira Andorra

My new every-day board.
Apart of being a bit too soft it's all I've been dreaming about during the whole summer, really playful with an amazing grip due to the camber between feet and to YES.'s edge technology "under bite" - the edges going inside 1mm close to the bindings positions - that works really well.
The extra grip from the "under bite" edge technology plus the pop from the camber between feet, both make the board change edges REALY fast. And the rocker at tip and tail let you initiate turns easily and gives you magical floating powers in powder.
Probably the most playful board I've tried that also gives you a good control sensation at moderate-fast speeds. And it's a true twin, which makes it really playful in both directions. YES! A great freestyle board that can also rip some steep spots at slow to moderate-fast speeds and also carve some great lines in mid-range groomed terrain.
So, the verdict: A bit too soft to go too fast. Great for every beginner, for every freestyler and for most of the allmountain intermediate to advanced riders. The most playful board I've had. Love it. Will only leave it home in the rare days I need a "big gun" for hard freeride or for super fast carves.

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