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Review - Capita Spring break Slush slasher

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Published by @joaoobranquinho in snowboard Reviews · 20 October 2019
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The slush-slasher is yellow again! Hooray!!! This CAPITA/SpringBreak is a fell good board, a comfort-snowboard if you will, and let's face it, last seasons slush-slasher's colors were depressing as cheat. Those colors may fit other boards with other personalities, but the slush-slasher I see it as a FUN board, and a fun board requires fun colors.

Now in all fairness, the board I'm reviewing is the 2017/2018 model, the one I owned (and my ho my, did I own it, happy times on that short flexy bright thing), I can do it because the capita/springBreak slush-slasher is a board that changed few or nothing at all in this 2 seasons. And it's yellow again! (OK I'll stop it now).
The first day I've tried it my company said "you're flying on that thing!". It was in a figurative way, but I ended up really flying a bit on it since I've used it all season which included some considerable cliff-drops, although most of the season was on trees and slopes.

To land bigger stuff the slush-slasher is obviously not the best snowboard, but it's a board that makes the not so big stuff a lot more fun, maybe because it makes it a bit more technical or because it just makes it different. It's sooo refreshing to ride a board like this capita/springBreak when your mind tells you "lets just enjoy, no goals, fell the fun". And as riding different boards will naturally expand your skill-set, with the fun comes improvement.

So if you're looking for a little change, whether as a daily snowboard for more or less time or as a second/quiver board, the capita / spring break slush-slasher is here to make you smile. Just don't expect it to last forever, it's really not meant for that, the base and core are very soft and easy to blow up with heavier riding. Like most things, it's fun while it lasts!

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